Herbal Consultation

Herbal Consultation

Free consultation

Herbal Process

  • Free Consultation
  • Intake: Filling out a medical history(hx) form with a signature of Waiver of Liability.  
  • Physical and Visual Examination
  • Proper Diet and Herbal Formulations
  • Follow Up appointment I
  • Recommendations I
  • Treatment Adjustments
  • Follow Up II
  • Recommendations II
  • Release

Herb Consultations:

  • In Person (local clients)
  • Zoom
  • Video Chat via Phone
  • Phone
  • Treatment Payments made before treatment process

Tea Cell uses a combination of TCM and Western Herbal medicine to not only alleviate the symptoms but treat the main source from which the symptoms are coming from.  We will focus on diet, exercise, relaxation and herbs.  Tea Cell herbal regime does not promise curing of a disease or illness but focuses on treating symptoms from Acute and Chronic diseases.  Tea Cell role is to bring your molecular structure back to balance mainly to prevention mode.  With 20+ years as an healthcare professional and 3 years of Herbal studies Tea Cell can be an agent in aligning your body with nature.

Forms to fill out before Treatment (please click on the link to fill out form)