Brewing Instructions

Organic Tea Type Tea Spoon(loose leaf)/1 Cup(water) Temperature Steep Time(Mins)
Green Tea 1 185 Degree Fahrenheit 1-3
Black Tea(infuse) 1 212 Degree Fahrenheit 3-5
White Tea 1 185 Degree Fahrenheit 1-2
Oolong Tea 1 185 Degree Fahrenheit 1-3
Rooiboos Tea 1 212 Degree Fahrenheit 3-5

Herbal/Fruit Tea(infuse)

1 212 Degree Fahrenheit 3-5
Pu-Erh Tea 1 212 Degree Fahrenheit 2-5
Mate' 1.5 215 Degree Fahrenheit 3-5
8oz bag of Loose Tea yields 45-60 cups of Organic Tea. Tea Bags yields 1 Cup/8 Fluid Oz.
• Boil water(1Cup/8fl.oz.) in Tea Kettle
• Add appropriate amount of tea leaves to your tea infuser while waiting for your water to boil
• Water at desired temperature, pour it over the tea infuser into your drinking cup
• Place Tea infuser into your cup and let it steep(marinate) for appropriate time
• When time is complete, stir the infuser to circulate the water
• Remove infuser. (May use for another steep) *If Re-steeping(infusing), add another minute to the original time to get the best of the flavor.  May can infuse from 3 to 10 times. 
• Serve in your drinking cup. Compliment your tea with some Stevia, honey, agave, milk and a pastry. Enjoy hot or involve ice to make a delicious Iced Tea.
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Bags not opened can last 1 year. 
After it is opened place tea leaves in a tin can tightly secured.  Avoid light, heat, air, odors, tight spaces, moisture.  Refrigerate.  This will allow to preserve the tea leaves flavor and aroma.