Tea Cell

Athlete Endurance

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Calling all athletes whether you are professional or just an ordinary work out machine. 

A blend that is specific for Athletes to boost their energy.  Balance their circulatory system and respiratory system to open up oxygen levels for better endurance.  Replenish electrolytes while repairing tissue tears.  

Please consult your Physician before using herbal supplements.

This herbal formula will induce:

  • Stamina
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Blood Flow/Cleanse
  • Lung Clearance
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Muscle
  • Nerves 
  • Awareness

Best suited for those who are very active with sports and other high intense activities.  

This herbal formula will best be suited as a decoction form of herb treatment.

You should always consult your physician/healthcare provider/Trainer before the use of any herbal treatments.  Then you should consult with a professional herbalist to make sure you are being treated properly.  Please be advised if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

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