About Us

TEA CELL owned by an ordinary individual leading Tea Cell to be its own unique individual company.  From Healthcare to Creative Arts to Entrepreneuship.  Kevin is bringing these life skills to Tea Cell with fine Teas, Herbal Soaps, Spoken Word, Book Signing and Private Events.


T-Cells are part of the immune system that triggers and protects the body from outside world diseases that invades.  Well...

TEA CELL is now a component of the body introducing the second healthiest consumed beverage in the world.  Smooth taste, elegant aromas, and healthy benefits of Organic Teas elevate the state of ones body any part of the day.  Keeping the Avid Tea drinker happy, and introducing new life to those who are getting involved in the wave of health consciousness. The body deserves to be treated as temple and our teas for the inside and soaps for the outside will assist you in this journey.  Outside the body is beauty, Inside is Function, and the Deep Inner is Spirit that guides you to make choices in life.  

TEA CELL management has learned from the finest TEAchers in the Tea world. Certified to manage a Tea Room. Also, is providing tea from the best suppliers around the world.  Expect to learn the benefits of Organic Tea and learn about your own body.  Natural way from proper Herbal consumption and Acupressure healing.

TEA CELL online store will provide simple and fine tasting organic loose tea leaves and herbs. Healthy body soaps not only for the outer layer of the skin but the core of your body as well.  Treat yourself with Bubble Tea if you want to cheat on your diet.  I will send it to you privately so your workout partner or spouse will not know.  Cheat your diet but not your life so stay consistent in drinking herbal teas.  One tea will not heal you.  It must be habitual.   

TEA CELL retail storefront will put you in a Soulful ambiance with the rhythm of oldies but goodies like Whispers and Chi-lites if your a 70's guru or Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson if your a 90's guru and Indie Arie and Tribe Called Quest for my consciousness Tea lovers. The aroma of organic tea leaves and mellow incense will fill the Tea Cell Zone.  A place to come and relax and let the body breath.  Stimulate yourself with the sounds of poetry. Live!   If you want to promote a book by having a book signing come to Tea Cell.  Private Events, keep Tea Cell in your radar.  We may need to move the furniture and get on the Zumba or Salsa train.  Tea Cell will be what you make it!  Just leave our music alone. 


~Bringing A Healthy Leaf to A Precious Body~

                                                                                                                  Psalms 104:14