Organic Herbal Soap

Natural Soap

Tea Cell Soap with Tea Cell Shea Butter with your favorite perfume or cologne will leave your surrounding area smelling and feeling richly.  Well, Tea Cell there are a lot of soaps out there that smell good.  Yes, but does it heal your cellular structure that may be damaged?  Are you putting back natural oils in your body?  

Storytime:  I remember walking pass Stevie Wonder and a lady he was with in a building.  I do not know if it was Stevie Wonder or the lady but one of them had a scent that came off like a millionaire.  I had never smelled anything like it.  You say, Tea Cell that was a perfume or cologne.  Yes!  My point is Tea Cell Soap will provide you with the same pleasure.

Tips:  When you shower or bathe rinse your body with water and rub your skin with a clean towel to remove excess dirt and skin.  Then use the Tea Cell herbal soap to lather your skin.  This will allow the nutrients of the soap to immerse into the skin cells better.  Also, it will prolong the use of the soap because you will not need to lather the soap as much to clean your body.  If you use a soap dish be sure to rinse out the excess water and let the herbal soap dry naturally in the dish while you are not using the soap.  This will keep the nutrients alive in addition it will prolong the soap quality.  After the use of Tea Cell Soap air dry to your body to keep the scent in the skin.  If you are going to air dry your body it will be best to use Tea Cell Shea Butter to bring moisture back into the skin.  Tea Cell will leave your external appearance feeling, looking and smelling like you love yourself.